Co-processing in the cement industry is the optimum way of recovering energy and material from waste. It offers a safe and sound solution for society, the environment and the cement industry, by substituting non renewable resources with societal waste under strictly controlled conditions.

The co-processing of alternative fuels provides a solution in terms of reducing fossil fuel dependency as well as a contribution towards the lowering of emissions. The use of alternative rawmaterials also has numerous benefits,including a reduced need for quarrying and an improved environmental footprint of such activities. Substitution of clinker in cement is an example of the positive contribution of the European cement industry to resource management.

The use of alternative materials in the cement industry lowers global CO2 emissions and does not have a negative impact on production process emissions, nor on the environmental and technical quality of the final product. Furthermore, co-processing in the cement industry is carried out in a safe and sound manner, thus not affecting the health & safety of workers or neighbourhood commities.