PEF Plant Quality Solids Liquids Tires Biomass

Cement kiln co-processing of properly prepared liquid and semi-liquid hazardous wastes provides safe and total destruction due to the kiln’s high temperatures, long residence times, turbulent conditions and alkaline environment, as well as efficient recovery of any energy and raw material substitutes in the materials. This includes waste solvents, which are contaminated with suspended and dissolved solids, organics, water, other solvents, or any other substance.

Spent liquids and semi-liquids are generated from many manufacturing operations including, but not limited to: parts washing, cleaning tanks and equipment, distillation bottoms, chemical separation and manufacturing, paint and coatings, pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber, solvent recycling, petrochemical, transportation (air, rail, ship and road), petroleum refining, vehicle maintenance, cleaning, adhesives, resins and intermediates, inks, personal products, automotive, electronics, etc.

In order to increase the range of services that GAEA can provide, we plan in the near future to invest in installation for handling liquids.

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