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By providing Alternative Fuels for the cement kilns, GAEA contributes for preserving the enviroment of our planet and to improve the way of living. Benefits such as :

  • The use of waste as alternative fuels reduces the use of non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal as well as the environmental impacts associated with coal mining.
  • The use of waste as alternative fuels also contributes towards a lowering of emissions such as greenhouse gases by replacing the use of fossil fuels with materials that would other wise have to be incinerated with corresponding emissions and final residues.
  • The use of alternative fuels in cement kilns maximises the recovery of energy from waste. All the energy is used directly in the kiln for clinker production. It also maximises the recovery of the non-combustible part of the waste and eliminates the need for disposal of slag or ash, as the inorganic part substitutes raw material in the cement.