The main activity of GAEA Green Alternative Energy in Bulgaria is to provide consulting, operating and enviromental services, including the removal and pre-treatment of post use consumer and commercial/industrial wastes for use as replacements for conventioanl fossil fuels and raw materials primarily in TITAN's Zlatna Panega cement kilns, as well as in other large industrial furnaces and utilities in the region. The company works with public and private entities and operates an independent alternative fuel processing facility at the Zlatna Panega site in Lovech region. GAEA's business advocates sustainable practices through the co-processing of waste derived products, in Bulgaria and the region. Emphasis placed on developing and demonstrating economically viable biofuels, derived from biomass in solid, liquid and gaseous states in the TITAN cement kilns and other large energy users. The use of these materials provides "win-win" scenarios to reduce costs, conserve fossil fuels, provide environmentally friendly means to handle consumer and industrial wastes, and reduce the carbon footprint of the energy consumer, as well as provide local societies with a safe, tested and sustainable management of their wastes.